Protestant Church in Hallstatt

The Teachings of Martin Luther became popular, especially among miners, in the 16th century in the Salzkammergut.

There was so much resistance and upheaval in the Salzkammergut during this period of religious Reformation. 1n 1601, all bridges were destroyed, transportation of wood and boats was made impossible .... Evangelical preachers appealed against the Catholic Church. Yet the Archbishop of Salzburg's supporters suppressed this rebellion, and condemned the opposition to death and set their homes on fire. Like most other towns in the Salzkammergut, Hallstatt was under attack for a number of years. In 1734, 300 Protestants, not including women and children, were forced out of their homes in Hallstatt, Ischl and Goisern by night and often in horrendous weather conditions. Soldiers transported them to the "Siebenbuergen" where they now had to settle.

In 1781, Emperor Joseph II showed some religious tolerance and allowed Protestants to practice their faith with restrictions. At this time, there were 500 Protestant inhabitants of Hallstatt, and just 3 years later they had built their first Prayer Room as well as a private school.

The Neo-Gothic, Evangelical church which exists in Hallstatt today was built in 1863. Emperor Franz Josef I (1861) declared that the Evagelical and Catholic faiths should be equally tolerated. Please see the picture to the left.

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The Protestant Church
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Protestant Church in Hallstatt

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Directly in the center of Hallstatt
- by car: parking area on P1, P2 and P3
- by train: arriving in Hallstatt you take the ferry to Hallstatt, from the pier you walk 1 minute.
- by bus: you arrive directly on the busterminal, from there it is a walk about 10 minutes

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