© Holzknechtnockn (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
Holzknechtnockn is a traditional dish in the Holiday Region Dachstein Salzkammergut (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

Tradition, Handwerk &


Crafts, customs and traditions characterise the region, it is these that make the World Heritage site so much worth seeing! See, experience and feel - casually and genuinely!


Small dialect dictionary

Griasdi! - Hello!
Pfiati! - Bye!
Du bist a Hiasl - you are clumsy
Hiadant is dnua - that's enough now
I moa, se keman - I think they are coming
Ge Birig - go in direction to the mountain
Hoiwi - one big beer (0.5l)
Des is a Halodri - that's a reckless person
Marandana! - Oh my god!
Budamoasn - butter bread
Duan hoit netn - please ask him
Eha - ups
Heast mit geh - Do you understand me?
Rockaroas - spin evening of the women
Duascht - thirst



All about the robe - "Gschmoh muas sei!" (It has to be comfortable!)

Experience craftsmanship - "The heart has to have hands, the hands a heart"

"Vü Musi, vü gaudi!" (A lot of music, a lot of fun!)

Easter, Whitsunday, Christmas - tradition out of religion


The kind of costums, that the inhabitants are wearing, depends on the season. If the masks, skins, horse tails and rods are unpacked in December, costumes matching the funniest highlights of the year from the region are presented in February.

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