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Burning Krambamperl on December 26

"Late in the evening, early in the morning, I drink my glass of Krambambuli ...", it says in a popular student song, but here the singer seems to exaggerate a little. Because he wouldn't do that for long, the "Krambambuli" is a little too strong for that. Who doesn't know yet what it's about: A sweet and hot delicacy, which - because of its alcohol content is not fully enjoyable - is consumed on December 26,  in various inns, but also sometimes privately.

What is a so called "Krambambuli"?

Krambambuli is originally a sound game about the Gdansk juniper brandy. Later they took schnapps - real distilled schnapps, not the industrial one. The glass full to the brim (usually a big beer glass, since the Krambambuli is tasted in a larger round anyway) is ignited with a spruce splinter and over the bluish flame a fork is held, on which sugar pieces lie. These drip through the flame into the liquor, where they sink to the bottom as brown lumps. This probably doesn't make the schnapps any lighter, but it makes it hot - and sweet.

The continuous supply of sugar is stopped at will, but the drink should have a rich brown colour. Since the dissolved sugar also splashes away, it now looks accordingly on the table - if one has not provided with a plate on which the glass stands.

Tip for the glass: This should not be the most beautiful in your collection and also thick-walled, otherwise it could burst through the hot Krambambuli.

Hot delicacies from the tavern culture

Now that the flame has been extinguished, the "Krambamperl", as it is affectionately called at the foot of the Dachstein, can be tasted. Here it shows the next pitfalls. Anyone who wants to inhale while drinking will get a sip of this hot delicacy into their - hopefully prepared - stomach. So: exhale, hold your breath, drink - stop! Let your neighbour have a sip, too, because anyone who lays down the wrong ambition for the morning here has already divided up the rest of the day.

The Krambamperl is for the regular guests of the tavern usually a small thank you for the faithful in the past year. So the "Krambamperl-Brennen" is a piece of inn culture in the Inner Salzkammergut. And why shouldn't it taste good, the Krambambuli!