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New Year's Eve at the Holiday Region

Winter has already begun and it's time to start planning for New Year's Eve. Do I celebrate with my partner as a couple or with a cozy raclette meal with the whole family? Or do I celebrate a big party with my friends?

Get all the information about New Year's Eve with events in our region. We also have six interesting facts about the last night of the year for you!


Winter Holiday on New Year's Eve

It's that time again on Monday, December 31, 2018. We say goodbye to the old year and welcome 2019. We leave fears and worries behind us, look to the future with a positive outlook and look forward to a very special New Year. The planning has already begun - why not celebrate the turn of the year during a winter holiday in the holiday region Dachstein Salzkammergut?


Of course, New Year's Eve is gonna be celebrate extensive at Hallstatt, Bad Goisern, Obertraun and Gosau.  Various events take place in all parts of the region, for example New Year's Eve menus are offered at some restaurants. These are partly framed musically and culminate at midnight with traditional toasting and fireworks.

The highlight of the evening - the traditional fireworks

Shortly before midnight, people gather outside with a glass of sparkling wine and count down the countdown. At midnight the rockets start and it's about to start the new year. At the same time it crackles and crashes of the many bangers and in the sky you see unique pictures in many colors and surrounded by smoke.


Book your unforgettable New Year's Eve Holiday

Are you just starting to plan or are you still thinking where to go? Celebrate in the holiday region Dachstein Salzkammergut and experience the breathtaking atmosphere on New Year's Eve, when the picturesque mountain scenery is framed by fireworks. Look forward to your cozy room when you return to your accommodation late in the evening. Start right into the new year after a delicious breakfast!

6 Facts to the last night of the Year


1. Why is it called New Year's Eve?

Due to the death of Pope Sylvester on December 31st, 335, the turn of the year was set to December 31st. This took place before on the 24th of December. Almost as a counterpart to the New Year's Day, the last day of the year in Austria is sometimes called Old-Day.


2. Why are there fireworks on New Year's Eve?

Earlier in the pre-Christian animist faith, the "evil spirits" were expelled by fireworks. The bright lights and the noise should help. Today, people see the fireworks as a welcome to the New Year and express their anticipation.


3. What is the tradition of lead puring?

Presumably from ancient Rome comes the oracle of lead pouring. As a prediction for the upcoming New Year, the cast forms and figures are interpreted. For example, if you have a fish, that would be a big blessing. If you see a flower, new friendships will be born next year. Over a burning candle, a piece of lead is melted and then quickly poured into cold water - then the resulting artworks are interpreted.


4. Which food do we eat on New Year's Eve?

The most popular food in Austria on New Year's Eve is raclette. When grilling on the hot plate next to meat and fish a variety of vegetables and potatoes are eaten. The raclette cheese - which is probably the most important ingredient for a good raclette - should not be left out. For example, it is placed with vegetables and potatoes in the small pans and gonna be heated.

As an alternative to raclette, a meat or cheese fondue is often eaten. The ingredients are heated in oil or dipped in hot cheese. A Fondue with chocolate, in which fruits are dipped, is ideal for dessert. 


5. Why do we wish a "happy slip in"?

Classically we wish on New Year's Eve a "happy slip in". This expression is very understandable, because we all want to "slip in" well in the coming year. Interestingly, the term "slip" is derived from travel - so we all wish you a good trip into the beginning of the upcoming time.


6. What means "Dinner for One"?

In German-speaking countries, it has become a tradition to watch the short film "Dinner for One" on New Year's Eve. The almost 20-minute film about Dame Miss Sophie is even the most repeated television program in the world. Miss Sophie celebrates her 90th birthday and wishes her four best friends to come - all of whom have died. Her butler James slips into the roles of the four friends and prepares us many laughs.


Book your stay at the turn of the year in the holiday region and look forward to a unique New Year's Eve - maybe with a raclette-meal while watching "Dinner for One"?

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