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Krampus parades in the holiday region

Every year we traditionally celebrate St. Nicholas in the holiday region, who is accompanied by the Krampus. Get a brief insight the history of the Krampus and the events in this time in the holiday region Dachstein Salzkammergut.

In the 17th century, St. Nicholas bestowed the „brave“ children, while the Krampus punished the „naughty“ ones. The origin can probably be found in an italian figure from the 16th century: During this time people believed in the idea that the devil would devour the souls of the sinners.



On the 5th of december, it’s the evening before the feast of  St. Nicholas, is Krampus Day in Austria. Usually the Krampus are accompanied in their „Pass“ – their group – by two „Engerl“ („Angel“) and a „Daxnmandl“. The „Passen“ traditionally go from house to house on Krampus Day and ask for entry into the houses.

A Krampus is traditionally decorated with a wooden mask („Larve“) with horns carved from stone or linden wood, a sheep- or goatskin trouser suit and cowbells attached to a belt on the back. In addition, each Krampus carries a horse or a cow tail or a rod with it.



As tradition is a top priority in the Salzkammergut, several Krampus parades take place in the holiday region every year. At the Krampus parades – which have a long tradition in many Eastern and Southeastern European countries – various „Passen“ run through the villages and try to scare the people. Especially (young) men like to dress as Krampus. Sometimes their long tails and rods are used. Of course, St. Nicholas is alway there and gives away little presents to the children. 

The Salzkammergut Krampus Parade in Bad Goisern

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Events about the Krampus:


Krampus Spectacle of the Krippenstoana Bergteifön

You are invited to the third Krampus spectacle in Obertraun!
Time period: to 23.11.2019
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Relocation of the "Krampus" by D'Hirlatzer Teufel

A wild event on the market square.
Time period: to 05.12.2019
Hallstatt market square
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Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

The Salzkammergut Krampus Parade

On December 7, the market square in Goisern will turn into a seething cauldron again: Nice Angels and Santa Claus meet at the legendary Salzkammergut Krampus run on countless evil...
Time period: to 07.12.2020
market square Bad Goisern
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