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The primeval shark on the Krippenstein

The „shark on the Krippenstein“ is 8 metres long. Animposing figure, he watches over all the walkers on the Heilbronn Circular Trail as they pass by.

The shark ...

... is the new attraction on the Krippenstein and is a reason to make a visit to the „Stoa“, as the mountain is colloquially named. After the 5fingers and the World Heritage Spiral, the primeval shark is one of the main attractions on the Krippenstein. Brave visitors can climb into the stomach of the giant creature and enjoy fantastic views of the Dachstein. The shark is a 30 minute walk, along the Heilbronn Circular Trail, from the summit station of the Dachstein-Krippenstein Cable Car, and a visit is well worth the effort!

This creature is symbolic of the primeval sharks who lived here in times long forgotten; in the times when the Dachstein was still a sea. The „birth“ of this new attraction took place at the start of summer 2013. The shark was sunk deep within Lake Hallstatt, and spectacularly „rescued“ from the water a few days later by helicopter which then flew the shark to its position high up on the Krippenstein. 

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