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/ Kurzentrum (Spa Centre) Bad Goisern

Kurzentrum (Spa Centre) Bad Goisern

The Salzkammergut is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday with opportunities to improve your health and well-being. The region boasts unique experiences in nature, as well as a range of therapies which will benefit body and soul.

Bad Goisern is well-renowned for its fluoride sulphur springs. The healing qualities of these springs are famous in the treatment of skin and joint complaints. We are able to offer a range of therapies that are suited to your individual needs. These range from the Freiburg  „Naturfango“ (medicinal mud treatments) which are applied directly to the skin in order to take full effect, to „Carbovasal Therapy“ which stimulates blood flow in the body. Your health is our priority. 

Therapies and treatments

Take advantage of the many opportunities to improve your health when you spend your holiday with us here at our 4 star Spa Cenre in Bad Goisern. Relax and revitalise yourself. Our motto is, after all, „4 Stars for your Health“.

Choose from our range of therapies

•    Fluoride-Sulphur Bath
•    Carbovasal Therapy
•    CO? Bath
•    Electrophysical Treatments
•    Freiburg Medicinal Mud Treatments
•    Lymphatic Drainage
•    Healing Massages
•    Foot Reflexology Techniques
•    Healing and Underwater Gymnastics
•    Salt Grotto (Salarium)
•    And lots more

Construction of the new spa center

Spa centre Bad Goisern

Kurzentrumstraße 5a, 4822 Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee
Salzkammergut – Österreich
Tel.: +43 6135 20400





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Bad Goisern: spa town and iodine sulphur baths – a brief history!

Green meadows, well-maintained orchards, shady woodlands with a network of hiking trails are characteristic of the delightful Bad Goisern valley. The scenic mountains are the crowning glory of the valley which stretches from its most southerly neighbourhoods to the shores of Lake Hallstatt. 

Sulphur springs were discovered by chance between 1874 and 1880 during deep drilling for salt in the rocks. These  springs were found to have healing qualities, and Bad Goisern became a spa town for the first time.

Around 1882, Bad Goisern began to attract visitors from further afield. The railway line was successfully opened in 1877, and stretched from Attnang to Selzthal. As a result, Bad Goisern now had direct links with the wider world.  Also, word had spread about the healing qualities of the sulphur springs. In the year 1883, an organisation was founded in Bad Goisern, and through this organisation, the baths were built and officially opened in 1884.

In 1931, Bad Goisern was declared a  health resort and spa town, and in 1952 also became a market town. In 1953 the attractive, modern „Kurhotel“ was built on the site of the original bathing facilities. One year later, the saline pipeline was established in the heart of the beautiful woodlands surrounding the Hanuschof, owned by the Upper Austrian health authorities.

Poets and artists were also to discover the Goisern valley‘s beautiful landscape.  Rudolf von Alt, Ferdinand Waldmüller and Emil Jakob Schindler  created their most beautiful images of the Salzkammergut here in Bad Goisern.

By the 19th century, Goisern was well-known by people from far afield due to the success of its publicity, and also became famous for its quality craftsmanship. One example of this is the famous walking boot known as the  Goiserer. This high quality footwear was built to withstand the extremes of the weather, and on account of its high quality, was also built to last. The famous „Goiserer“ is still being manufactured today.

The Kurhotel closed its doors for the last time, in 2007, after 54 successful years. The future was uncertain, but you already know what happened next.

Information about the holiday area around Bad Goisern

Tourist Office Bad Goisern
Tel.: +43 5 95095