On the photo you see a couple cycling along the east side of lake Hallstatt (Photo: OÖ Tourismus)

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/ From flying and hovering ...

From flying and hovering ...

The summit of the Krippenstein down to Lake Hallstatt is a thrilling challenge for paragliders, and just as spectacular on account of the magnificent views!

Epinephrine & Silence


The Dachstein Region is a paradise for paragliders. The Sky Club Austria offers regular opportunities for paragliding and tandem paragliding, with safety assured, in this unforgetable alpine landscape. From beginner to professional, there are events of appeal to everyone. The Krippenstein is used exclusively by the Flugsportschule Sky Club Austria for sky sports.

Lift off


Course participants have priority lift-off, and limitless space through which to glide over the water, as well as a private landing area by the lake. In terms of safety training courses, there is no area more perfect: The drop down to the lake is more than 1000 m. Lake Hallstatt is protected from the wind, and the take-off and landing areas on the Krippenstein and by Lake Hallstatt are spacious and well-maintained.

Further details are available on Skyclub Austria’s website!

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