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Goiserer Shoes

As well as being a name for someone who comes from Bad Goisern, the „Goiserer“ is also a famous walking boot! There is nothing comparable with a „Goiserer“: natural beauty and craftsmanship which are incorporated into this high-quality product. The image imprinted into the sole of this famous walking boot incorporates the natural landscape where the mountain summits, rugged mountain sides and green meadows are reflected in the River Traun. Bad Goisern is its home.

The reputation of this new walking boot spread quickly, and soon it found its way into the Kaiser‘s summer residence in Bad Ischl.  Kaiser Franz Josef was a very keen huntsman, and was often seen in the mountains and woodlands of the Salzkammergut. The perfect boot was made  to measure for him here in Goisern. Other aristocratic huntsmen, including the royal household from Vienna, followed suit, and the Goiserer was soon being worn world-wide. Today, Rudolf Steflitsch-Hackl still has the pair worn by Kaiserin "Sisi". Indeed the „Goiserer“ has been worn by many famous people throughout the world.

Goiserer: One boot can tell so much ....

... abut History and Tradition

And so the manufacture of this special footwear became a booming business throughout the centuries in Goisern, including at the turn of this century. At that time, a good pair of boots cost about a month’s wages. The number of hand crafters in Goisern began to decline as modern technology advanced, and products could be produced more cheaply. Nowadays, Rudolf Steflitsch-Hackl is the one and only remaining manufacturer of the Goisern Boot. Thanks to him, this time-honoured tradition has been kept alive. Manufacturing processes, techniques and raw materials have remained unchanged throughout the centuries. Rudolf Steflitsch-Hackl has developed his knowledge and craftsmanship with help from his father and grandfather who previously worked in the same workshop, and using the same tools. The product itself, the Goiserer, has hardly changed – some things just cannot get any better than they already are!

The Goiserer: One boot tells a story ....

... of craftsmanship and quality

The Goiserer is to Rudolf Steflitsch-Hackl, not, as often misunderstood, an example of a robust walking boot. The Goiserer can complement national dress, or provide quality footwear for walking in the cities. These boots and shoes reflect the personality of the individual. In terms of colour, style, shape, design of the sole,  and every minute detail, anything is possible. Orthopaedic boots and shoes are also manufactured here in Goisern.

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Goiserer: A boot tells the story ....
... of his home and travels around the world

The inventor of the Goiserer taught many other cobblers the tools of the trade. Down to Rudolf (III.) Steflitsch-Hackl, cobblers have passed on their skills and knowledge through the generations. The Goiserer plays an integral part in the history of the region. Nowadays the Goisern boot is almost as well -known, in other parts of the world, as Hubert von Goisern. The boot and the singer have much in common. They both dictate a certain philosophy about life, and have an interesting history. The history of an entire region. Hubert von Goisern’s father was also a cobbler and produced boots and shoes in  the workshop owned by Rudolf Steflitsch-Hackl’s grandfather.


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