On the photo you see a musician with a leathertrouser and a contrabass from behind, in the background you see a lady with a traditional dress dancing (Photo: OOE Tourismus)

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"Eierradln" in Obertraun

Those taking a stroll through Obertraun on Easter Monday might come across a bicycle on a garage roof or a wheelbarrow hanging from a tree. There might even be a tricycle hanging from a lamp post. People could be forgiven for thinking they are having hallucinations or are drunk, but really they are witnessing the traditional „Oaradln“! Such shenanigans!

In the night between Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, any object which has a wheel and can stand by itself can be displaced. The tradition stems from an old rule which states that anything with wheels that is not locked away can be moved elsewhere. Objects can be placed on a roof, hung from a tree, lantern or mast. The only rule is that you should not need a ladder to be able to get the objects back! This custom really appeals to the young people of Obertraun who have hours of fun playing pranks!

A curious visitor once asked an old lady what this is all about!

The reply was: As you can imagine, there are both tidy and messy people living in Obertraun, just like anywhere else. When you walk through our beautiful village, you will notice how lovely and tidy it is. Tradition plays its part in all of this. Here’s why!
Every year when the snow melts and spring arrives, everyone in Obertraun does a spring clean. Our little village is supposed to be kept neat and tidy. Many years ago, villagers complained that there were lots of unwanted items and rubbish lying around outside some of the houses, and were not happy. And so the idea of the Oaradln was first conceived. Nowadays, every year on the evening of Easter Sunday, the village is thoroughly tidied. Anything not put away is hung up and stays there until the owner tidies it away.