© Family hike around the Gosau reservoir (photo: Best of Wandern / Thomas Bichler)
During the hike around the Gosau reservoir families experience nature and water up close (photo: Best of Wandern / Thomas Bichler)

with children


Outdoor with children means enjoying nature together, experiencing the landscapes together, mastering challenges together. In Bad Goisern, Hallstatt, Gosau and Obertraun there are many opportunities for hiking with children, whether still in a stroller or already active themselves. A tour to the spectacular shark on the Dachstein Krippenstein at 2 000 metres, a hike on the theme of water with playful elements around Lake Gosau with the Dachstein in view or along the Legend Trail, which is filled with exciting stories, to the breathtaking eternal wall ("Ewige Wand"). Your family will for sure find suitable hikes in the Dachstein Salzkammergut! A special tip:  With our hiking guide Betty, children can also get to know nature in a playful way on guided hikes.

Tips for a hike with children


  • Correct equipment for the whole family:  Layers of clothing that can be added/taken off as required, waterproofs, protection from the sun
  • Small, light child’s rucksack, just for personal things such as their favourite toy, sweets .....  
  • Snacks and drinking water to last throughout your excursion
  • Children should enjoy their walk, so allow then to set the pace
  • Allow several breaks and enjoy your natural surroundings together
  • Hiking with a group of friends is more fun for children
  • The aim is not necessarily to reach the summit, but to enjoy the route.
    Make sure your children enjoy going walking and do not expect too much of them!


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