© Ski touring in Gosau (Photo: Alexander Kijak)
Two persons ski touring in Gosau (Photo: Alexander Kijak)

Holiday in the snow


Ice skating - Ice skating rinks

As the winter takes hold, and temperatures sink, the Ice Rinks in the Dachstein Salzkammergut reopen. 


Natural Ice-skating Rink in Obertraun

The ice skating rink is situated at the Federal Sports and Leisure Centre in Obertraun. It is opened daily until 9.30 p.m., throughout the winter months, when weather conditions are favourable. The area is flood-lit at night. The ice rink can be used for free but at your own risk. There are changing facilites as well as the Sport's buffet in the Federal Sports and Leisure Centre Obertraun, where you can have some snacks and drinks. For more information please call +43 6131 239.

Ice-skating rink in Hallstatt

When the temperature falls, the ice-skating rink in the Echerntal (next to the Gastof Hirlatz) opens and attracts locals as well as guests with fun on the ice. For more details please contact the Gasthof Hirlatz on +43 6134 8443. They also offer snacks and drinks during operating time.

Tourist information Obertraun
Nr. 180, 4831 Obertraun


Tel.: +43 5 95095-40
Fax: +43 5 95095-74

Opening hours tourist information Obertraun


Tourist information Hallstatt
Seestraße 99, 4830 Hallstatt


Tel.: +43 5 95095-30
Fax: +43 5 95095-74

Opening hours tourist information Hallstatt

Ice skating rinks in Daschstein Salzkammergut


Ice skating rink Echerntal

On the skids, get set, go!Ice skating has a history of several thousand years - so has the World Heritage town of Hallstatt. Ice skating in the World Cultural HeritageIce skating is very popular as a winter sport in the Holiday Region Dachstein…

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