© Horse-drawn sleigh ride in Gosau at Dachstein (photo: Alexander Kijak)
© Horse-drawn sledge ride in Gosau (photo: Alexander Kijak)
During a horse-drawn sledge ride through the winter wonderland of Gosau at Dachstein you can relax and enjoy nature (photo: Alexander Kijak)

Romantic sleigh ride
through winter wonderland


Horse-Drawn Sledge Ride

A horse-drawn sledge ride through a beautiful winter landscape is unsurpassably romantic. Magnificent carriages drawn by snorting horses are symbolic of a true winter’s day in the Salzkammergut.

Horse-drawn carriages are scarcely used nowadays in day to day life as a means of transport, but a horse-drawn sleigh ride is considered a real pleasure in winter. The snorting horses trot along at a comfortable pace and you will enjoy hearing the snow crunching beneath you as well as the jangling of the bells. Time seems to stand still when you are enjoying the peace and tranquility of the Salzkammergut on a sunny winter’s day.

Horse-drawn sleigh rides are available in Gosau at Dachstein in the evenings too. There is nothing lovelier than being wrapped in warm blankets, beneath the stars, and being carried along the banks of the river in a sleigh. Our destination is the Kohlstatthütte(traditional catered hut) where we will be welcomed with a hearty, home-cooked snack.

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Horse-drawn sledge rides by night

Enjoy a romantic horse-drawn sledge ride through the Gosauvalley on a winter's evening.

Winter has so many magical charms. Even if its is snowing or bitterly cold, you can snuggle up under warm blankets and enjoy the sounds of the bells jangling round the horses' necks as we travel through Gosau's idyllic winter wonderland.

We make a stop in the magical woodland, and in the midst of all the snow flakes and ice crystals, take a sip of home-made schnaps, which provides us with a little extra warmth! About half an hour later we reach the Kohlstatthütte. This is a traditional, rustic hut where people of all ages meet for ice curling competitions or one of the horse-drawn sledge rides. Warm up by the roaring fire and enjoy some tea. The cold night is soon forgotten when you are served a delicious, traditional meal.

The journey home is also great fun, and just as romantic!


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Don’t hesitate to contact the team of local guides at the tourist board Gosau -Julia Rabland Evelyn Peham – for any questions about Gosau and the holiday area Dachstein Salzkammergut.

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Horse drawn sleigh ride

Enjoy Gosau in winter! With the horse drawn sledge you can see Gosau in a special atmosphere. A romantic sleigh ride through the winter wonderlandEnjoy the sleigh, wrapped in warm blankets, the snow-covered landscape of Gosau at Dachstein. Through…

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