Every year in January the balloon week takes place in Gosau at Dachstein, where countless balloons decorate both the ground and the air. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

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Glöckler Parade

On  the evening of the 5th January each year, the street lights of many of the villages throughout the Salzkammergut are switched off, but remain illuminated by lanterns.  Throughout  the traditional Glöcklerlauf, parades of local people dressed in white and wearing brightly lit lanterns on their heads, pass through the villages.

Tradition and Light

The last „Rauhnacht“ is the eve of Epiphany, and is celebrated with the traditional Glöcklerlauf. Participants in the parades are dressed in white and carry magnificent, hand-made and highly decorative lanterns on their heads. Since approx. 1850 it has been tradition in the region to drive out the evil spirits of winter in this way. The  Glöckler Lanterns are the product of many hours of work during long autumn and winter evenings.


Each lantern ...

... is an individual work of art. The frame for the lanterns is made from wood. Each lantern takes on many different forms – bells, stars, arches the sun, the half moon etc. The wooden frames are then disguised with black paper. Out of this are cut different shapes and ornaments On the inside, the black paper is covered with brightly coloured, half-transparent paper and glued to the frame. The edges of the lanterns are also highly decorative. There also remains, inside the frame, space for the candle which lights up these works of art.

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January 5th ...

is the big day. The „Glöckler“ assemble, dressed in white. Each menber of the parade has a bell tied around his waist, and a lantern on his head. According to ritual, the men wish everyone  „A guat`s neich`s Joar“ („Happy New Year“) as the parade passes through each village. The parade passes some of the houses more than once and the men take a short break and enjoy some food and drink. The parades cover many kilometres and this is made more difficult when wearing heavy lanterns and carrying bells around your waist. It is often very cold too as you seek to drive out the evil spirits from your neighbourhood.


Glöckler Parades

January 5th, from 4:45 p.m. at the market square Obertraun

January 5th, from 8:00 p.m. at the market square Bad Goisern


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Glöckler Parades at the Inner Salzkammergut

Obertrauner Glöckler

Glöckler-run Obertraun

Every year on the 5th January the Obertrauner Glöckler group invites you to the traditional Glöckler-run, starting at the town square. ...
Time period: to 05.01.2021
Market square Obertraun
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Traditionatl Gloeckler parade in Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

Gloeckler parade in Bad Goisern

The "Gloeckler" parade is a tradition which is upheld by local people today. The "caps" are supposed to bring good fortune for the coming year and protect the community from...
Time period: to 05.01.2021
market square Bad Goisern
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