The easy hike to the Lake Koppenwinkl is perfec for families and also suited for pushchairs. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)The easy hike to the Lake Koppenwinkl is perfec for families and also suited for pushchairs. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

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Family Adventure Park "Urzeitwald"

The Family Adventure Park "Urzeitwald" in Gosau is about three things: playing, fun and excitement. This is a clear promise and it is kept. In the primeval forest, children get their money's worth and playfully experience a journey back in time to days long gone.


Fun, games and excitement in the family adventure park

The evolution of life is brought closer to the children in a playful way. The journey begins around 600 million years ago and leads along a forest path lined with the most important steps of evolution. Past trilobites, the first tank fish, through the first plants to humans.

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25 stations to master with skill, in the water or on trees

At 25 different stations, the primeval forest in Gosau offers pure adventure. There is a total of 12 000 m² to explore and discover. The creatures that can be found on the way through the primeval forest, including dinosaurs, are true to scale and impressive. Each station invites you to play and makes the story come alive. The ride on the flying dinosaur, which carries up to four people on its back through the adventure park, is certainly a special highlight.


Before you visit the primeval forest

Many stations in the primeval forest have to do with water, it is therefore advisable to have spare or swimwear with you. You can find information about opening hours and prices on the Facebook page of the Family Adventure Park "Urzeitwald".

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Fun and excitement for kids in the Family Adventure Park "Urzeitwald"

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Family Adventure Park "Urzeitwald"
Gosauseestraße 134
4824 Gosau

+43 664 1224916