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Two hikers in Gosau in the holiday region Dachstein Salzkammergut (Photo: Best of Wandern / Thomas Bichler)

in the Dachstein Salzkammergut

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Safe pastures
Rules for a safe holiday around cattle

Alpine emergency call 140

  • Keep calm, select emergency call (Alpine emergency call 140 or Euro emergency call 112)
  • Render first aid and provide the injured person
  • Follow the instructions and wait at the scene until help arrives
  • Don't make too much calls so the battery lasts long
With the 3D map, the Dachstein Salzkammergut fatmap, you can plan hiking tours safer and follow the route in advance, show the slope and see a tour description.


Rules of conduct in nature

  • We leave nothing in nature and dispose of our garbage expertly.
  • We avoid disturbances in the peace and take care of flora and fauna.
  • We stay on the marked trails.
  • We leash our beloved four-legged friend to protect the other forest dwellers.
  • We observe the smoking ban and do not light a fire.
  • We only collect as much of berries and mushrooms as we need for ourselves.
  • We preserve the nature and admire flowers in the countryside rather than withered at home.
  • We pay attention to any information such as forestry work or locks and observe these.

Safe on the mountain pasture

Guidelines for cooperation

  1. Avoid contact with grazing animals. Do not feed the animals, maintain a safe distance at all time!
  2. Keep calm, do not frighten grazing animals!
  3. Mother cows protect their calves. Avoid encounters between suckler cows and dogs!
  4. Always keep dogs under control and keep them on a short leash. If an attack by a grazing animal is foreseeable: Cast off immediately!
  5. Do not leave hiking trails on alpine pastures and pastures!
  6. If grazing cattle block the way, give them the wides berth you can!
  7. If a cow apporahces you: stay calm, do not turn your back, avoid the animals!
  8. Leave the pasture quickly at the first sign of anxiety!
  9. Fences must be observed! If there is a gate, use it, close it well and cross the pasture quickly!
  10. Meet the people working here, the nature and the animals with respect!


In this folder you will find all therules for a safe holiday around cattle to print out. And here summarized in a video.