© Lake Gosau (photo: Rudi Kain)
© Lake Gosau with the Dachstein (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
From the Lake Gosau you have an wonderful view on the Dachstein. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

The Lakes of Gosau


The three lakes in Gosau

Influencers and travel bloggers have made it famous: the Lake Gosau, a mountain lake embedded in a unique landscape with a view of the majestic Dachstein and very close to the Gosaukamm. A mountain lake that is used as an energy source and thus provides electricity for numerous households.

If you walk one hour further in the direction of Dachstein, you will discover the Gosaulacke from time to time. It is a so-called small water that is fed by small tributaries. In the event of snow melting or heavy rainfall, however, it fills up through the overflow of the Upper Lake Gosau, the third lake in Gosau.

The Upper Lake Gosau forms the end of the Gosau Valley. It lies at the feet of King Dachstein and together with the mountains forms an unique landscape whose beauty cannot be found a second time.

So it pays to take the path from the Lake Gosau via the Gosaulacke to the Upper Lake Gosau (approx. 1.5 hours). In all weathers you will be rewarded with magnificent views and a natural energy source.

Water temperature

On and around Lake Gosau in summer

Frequently asked questions

Lake Gosau is located at the end of Gosau at Dachstein in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, embedded between the Gosaukamm and the Dachstein.


The Lake Gosau has a width of 500 m and a length of 1.8 km. The maximum depth is 96 m. Since the Lake Gosau is a reservoir, the water level varies constantly.


The Lake Gosau is the clearest lake in the Salzkammergut and offers the best conditions for diving. In winter, ice diving is also possible. You can get more information about this at the diving club Dachstein Salzkammergut.


You can also fish at the Lake Gosau, but only from the shore. There is a restriction on 2 chars, 1 lake trout per day and a maximum of 10 lake trout per year. There is no fan restriction for perch.


There are no boat tours on Lake Gosau. However, you can rent electric boats and stand up paddle boards to explore the Lake Gosau by water.


It is possible to swim in the Lake Gosau. There are no advertised bathing spots, so you can choose the best spot. But please pay attention to the nature, don't get dirty and take the garbage back with you!


There are no advertised bathing places at the Lake Gosau. You can choose a place on the shore. The use of these is free. But please pay attention to nature, don't make a mess and take the garbage back with you!


You can walk around the Lake Gosau in about 1 to 1.5 hours. The path is also suitable for prams and is mostly flat.


Cycling around the Lake Gosau is not allowed. A short part of the hiking trail can be used to reach the Ebenalm (mountain bike tourDurchgangalm Runde).


The Lake Gosau is a mountain lake and therefore a bit fresher. It can vary from 1 degree in winter to 23 degrees in summer. To the daily water temperature.