© Lake Gosau (photo: Rudi Kain)
© Lake Gosau with the Dachstein (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
From the Lake Gosau you have an wonderful view on the Dachstein. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

The Lakes of Gosau


The Gosau lakes

At the end of the Gosau Valley, you are faced with an imposing creation of nature - the Lake Gosau with a view of the majestic Dachstein, on the right side bordering the Gosaukamm (mountain massif). Your field of vision creates a unique image that will never let you go again. And if you then follow the Dachstein, you will be rewarded with almost surreal natural phenomena - the Gosaulacke and the Upper Lake Gosau.


!The hiking trail around lake Gosau is closed in winter!

Over 16 thousand contributions show that the #gosausee #lakegosau is very popular as a photo motif among instagramerss and word-of-mouth propaganda shows that this popularity is just as great among "offline" people. The Gebirgssee, it is also called "the eye of God", lies at the end of the rear Gosau valley and is at the same time the beginning of one of the most beautiful natural scenery in Austria. The nature reserve lies at the foot of the Gosaukamm and lets you admire the King Dachstein in the background and also in the reflection in the clear glacier water.


Be active at the Lake Gosau

You can swim, dive, fish and in winter even ice dive in crystal clear water with drinking water quality. Around the Lake Gosau you can also go for a walk with a baby carriage and enjoy the landscape and nature. The Gosaukamm cable car starts 50 metres from the Lake Gosau and takes you up to the Zwieselalm with a unique panorama. For motivated hikers this is of course also possible on foot, on the path from the Lake Gosau to the Zwieselalm. If you are a biker, you can take a break with your mountain bike, e-bike or racing bike at the Lake Gosau. On the Durchgangalm loop tour you pass directly the Lake Gosau!

If you are at the Lake Gosau, the hike to the Upper Lake Gosau is a "must". 1.5 hours of walking time, which pays off in any case. At the right time you pass the Gosaulacke and your destination is the beautiful Upper Lake Gosau.


The fish occurrence in Lake Gosausee

The crystal-clear and clean water (drinking water quality) of the Lake Gosau is a perfect environment for many species of fish: the local trout (minnow), rainbow trout, perch, pike, arctic char, eel rod. Another native fish, the black rider, became extinct about 50 years ago when the trout was set in. You find more information about fishing in our article about fishing in the Dachstein Salzkammergut.


Energy from the water

Only very few visitors of the Lake Gosau know that the lake has been dammed up by about 12 m for better water use and more effective energy generation. In 1913, the energy company Energie AG built the Gosau power station, which draws its water directly from the Lake Gosau, which is also used as a reservoir. This water supplies approx. 2,200 households with clean electricity every year.

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The "Gosaulacke"

A very special natural phenomenon is the Gosaulacke. The episodic small water only appears in full splendour on days when snow melts or when there is heavy rainfall. On these days the Upper Lake Gosau overflows and fills the Gosaulacke, which in turn passes the water on to the Lake Gosau. The middle of the three Gosau lakes is also a place where you can recharge your batteries and where the peace will certainly do your soul good. Embedded in beautiful nature with a view of the mountains, the Gosaulacke is a very special place to stay.


The Upper Lake Gosau

At the very back inside, at the foot of the Dachstein, a natural space appears that seeks its equal. The Upper Lake Gosau nestles perfectly into the beautiful mountain landscape. At the foot of the Dachstein you can let the energy flow and recharge your batteries. On particularly hot days you can also see a special event there: Cows cooling down in the water of the Upper Lake Gosau (usually cows avoid the water).

If you think that the Upper Lake Gosau feeds the Lake Gosau on normal days, you are wrong. Because the water of the Upper Lake Gosau flows via underground springs directly into the Gosaubach. Only when the snow melts and on rainy days the overflow of the Upper Lake Gosau fills the Gosaulacke and this then fills the Lake Gosau.

If you want to hike a little further up, you can walk past the Lake Gosau, the Gosaulacke and the Upper Lake Gosau to the hut "Adamekhütte" and further on to the High Dachstein.


Experience the Lakes of Gosau in a 360° perspective

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