On the photo you see a musician with a leathertrouser and a contrabass from behind, in the background you see a lady with a traditional dress dancing (Photo: OOE Tourismus)

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Places to find happiness and inner peace

Relaxe and enjoy

Salzkammergut Luck

Cultural and Sacred Sites, Places of legends

Book: Walking into happiness


Lake Koppenwinkl Obertraun

Nature Reserve Lake Koppenwinkl

Lake Koppenwinkl and the surrounding area is a natural reserve since 1978! Surrounded by green riparian forest, the lake is a place to relax and breathe. This small but deep lake with steep ...
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Place of Happiness Löckenmoos

Exactly half way round the "Löckenmoos Circular Trail" is the "Wildfrauenloch" - a fortune-bringing place to visit, high above the Gosau Grindstone Quarries. The name comes from an old legend. It ...
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Happy Place Kalmoos Church
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

The "Kalmoos Church" (place of happiness)

An interesting cave in the rocks below the Goisern Hut. In the years of Religious Reformation, almost the entire Upper Austrian Salzkammergut became protestant. Pressure, however, from the strict ...
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Happy place Indianer Head
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

Native American`s head (place of happiness)

This Native Americans head you can see on the way to the top of the Kalmberg, about 50 meters under the summit cross. You reach this place of happiness, when you go from the Goisererhut to the ...
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s'Goiserer Seeplatzl
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

s'Goiserer Seeplatzl (Place of happiness)

Directly on the east bank trail of Lake Hallstatt is the place of happiness "s'Goiserer Seeplatzl", from this place you have a wonderfull few around the World Heritage region and to Hallstatt. The ...
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Place of Happiness Gritstone Quarries

Valuable grindstone has been mined in Gosau for the past 4 centuries. Grindstone quarrying was an important source of income for the people of Gosau for around 400 years. Operations ceased in ...
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entrance to the Schwarzenbachloch
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

Place of Happiness Schwarzenbachloch Cave

Place of legends - a poacher got lost in the cave. Only three days later he came back to the surface. A few hundred meters from the Kainwiese in Pichlern, in the direction to the Raschberg, is the ...
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