On the photo you see Hallstatt with the lake Hallstatt in Winter (Photo: Wolfgang Stadler)

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Hallstatt - World Heritage in Austria

Hallstatt has 7000 years of history, and here can be found, amongst many other fascinating features, the oldest wooden staircase in the world. This picturesque village on the shore of the lake, which takes its name, owes its existence to rich salt deposits, which have been mined here since the days of the Celts and Illyrians. (Hall = salt, Statt = place)

Rudolfsturm (Rudolf's Tower) sits on a mountain perch 855 metres above the village, guarding the entrance to the Salzberg high valley, site of a famous prehistoric burial ground and of modern salt-mine installations. "Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut" is a designated UNESCO "World Heritage Site" since 1997.

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Hallstatt has 7000 years of history, and here can be found, amongst many other fascinating features, the oldest wooden staircase in the world.


The "Man in the Salt"...

...(a human corpse preserved in salt) was discovered here in 1734. Visitors to Hallstatt embark on a journey through time as they visit the Salt Mines, the bone house, the excavations beneath Janu's sports shop and the ancient burial ground high up near the salt mines. Discover more of the fascinating history of this salt mining community during a visit to the Hallstatt Museum. A guided tour of Hallstatt will allow you to view Hallstatt from an entirely different perspective.

The old houses...

 ... built into the side of the mountain sit like swallows' nests, and make a very interesting photograph. Take a stroll through the Echerntal valley and admire the beautiful old houses. Continue through the woods to the "Waldbachstrub" where there is a stunningly beautiful waterfall. Here you will also find the "Gletschergarten" ("Glacier Garden") which is a collection of impressive stone formations carved out over time by ice and water.


Hallstatt in 360 °

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Don’t hesitate to contact the team of local guides at the tourist board Hallstatt - Michelle Knoll and Annemarie Winterauer – for any questions about Hallstatt and the holiday area Dachstein Salzkammergut.

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Protestant Church in Hallstatt

The Teachings of Martin Luther became popular, especially among miners, in the 16th century in the Salzkammergut. There was so much resistance and upheaval in the Salzkammergut during this period of religious Reformation. 1n 1601, all bridges were...

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Bathing place Hallstatt

Take your time and enjoy your time on the small island in Hallstatt. After a walk about 10 minutes from the historic center you arrive on the recreation area in the world heritage town. The place invites to relax and having a summer picnic. On the...

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Church on the Kalvarienberg in Hallstatt

The small and romantic church on the mountain About 24000 larch timbers were needed to repair the church on the Kalvarienberg which was in danger of collapse. The arched roof was restored a few years ago and resembles the original. The church dates...

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Catholic church in Hallstatt

The Catholic "Pfarrkirche" church in Hallstatt is a beautiful "gem" in the heart of our World Cultural Heritage region. It is thought that this romantic little church dates back to about 1181.The impressive tower, which still stands today, originates...

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Playground Hallstatt

Enjoy a few funny hours with your children on the playground in Hallstatt Lahn! Just beside the playground you find the bath island of Hallstatt Lahn!

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Hallstatt Museum

Take a journey into the past: through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Hallstatt period, the La Tèneperiod, the time of the Romans up to the modern era. The famous excavation area that gave an entire epoch ist name is to be found in the high valley...

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Hallstatt Salt Mine Railway

Discover 7000 years of cultural history in the Salzkammergut The Hallstatt upland valley offers breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes and gives insights into the history of Hallstatt. The manifold findings at the burial ground are...

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Tourist information Hallstatt

Welcome to the World Heritage village Hallstatt! We give you advices for planning your holiday, and help you with questions, problems or special wishes. Furnished in the typical style of the region, we look forward to your visit, help with holiday...

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