Snowshoe hiking in Gosau on the Dachstein (Picture: OOE Tourismus, Röbl)

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The top attraction Dachstein Krippenstein

With its Giant Ice Cave, Mammoth Cave and viewing platforms, the Dachstein Krippenstein in Obertraun is one of the attractions not to be missed during your visit in the Salzkammergut.

The Dachstein Krippenstein in Obertraun is well-known as the Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein, a mekka for freeriders. In summer, the area is just as popular, and is one of the loveliest places to visit in the Holiday Region Dachstein Salzkammergut.


Caves and mountain view-points

With its cave systems, cable car, mountain viewing platforms an incredible network of hiking trails, visitors return to the valley having enjoyed an amazing day out, even if the weather was not kind. The underground labyrinth of narrow passageways and vast chambers fascinate vistors of all ages. The Giant Ice Cave and Mammoth Cave are accessible by cable car, and from the terminus a 10 minute walk will bring you to their entrances. The caves have their own individual charm: the Giant Ice Cave is famous for its huge ice sculptures, and the Mammoth Caves for their vast caverns. The somewhat smaller Koppenbrueller Cave is down in the valley and easily accessible on foot.


Stunning views

The Dachstein Krippenstein cable car transports you to a point more than 2 000 metres above sea level. Anyone who has been here will have told you about the breath-taking views. Two viewing platforms have been constructed to provide visitors with optimal views across the Dachstein Salzkammergut area which is also proud to be a World Heritage Region. The World Heritage Spiral and the 5fingers are illuminated at night, and can be seen from far into the distance.

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A shark („Hai“) on the Krippenstein!

An 8 metre long Dachstein Shark is a „Hai-light“ on the Dachstein Krippenstein in Obertraun. After a spectacular „rescue“ from Lake Hallstatt, the shark was flown directly to the summit of the more than 2 000 metre high Krippenstein where he is always eager to receive visitors. From his gigantic mouth there are extensive views of the Dachstein glacier. It is a 30 minute walk approx. to the shark which is located on the Heilbronn Circular Trail.


Hiking on the Dachstein Krippenstein

Asides the short trail to the viewing platforms, the Dachstein Krippenstein has a lot more to offer to seasoned walkers. This mountain plateau is of just as much appeal to walkers and hikers with lots of experience as to those taking their first steps. The Mountain Moments package offers escorted hiking tours in the Dachstein Krippenstein region. This insiders‘ tip is well worth remembering as a means of discovering and exploring the many aspects of the Dachstein Krippenstein area.


The Dachstein Krippenstein in 360°

Experience now the Dachstein Krippenstein online in the 360 degrees Dachstein Salzkammergut panorama tour ...


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