© Goisern’s Chamois Hunting Days (Photo: Stefanie Wallner)
Goisern’s Chamois Hunting Days take place every year at the end of August. (Photo: Stefanie Wallner)

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Goisern's Chamois Hunting Days (traditional cultural event) with Radlpirsch (old-style cycle tour on decorated bikes) and the "Aufgeigen in the Kirchengasse" (Violin Festival)

„Bua, is's wo recht gschmah, sand gwiß d'Goiserer da. Gabs koan' Goiserer nit, gab's koa Gaudi, koan' Strit, gab's koa Tanzl, koan Gsang, gab ah d' Musi koan Klang.” Wili Kefer (1913-1975)

"Boy, if it is somewhere relaxed and nice, there are for sure the inhabitants of Goisern, the Goiserer, present. If there is no "Goiserer", there is no fun, no dispute, no dance, no singing, no music, no sound." Wili Kefer (1913-1975)


The "Goiserer Gamsjagatage" is a typical example of an annual time-honoured event which continues in the Inner Salzkammergut today. It reflects the cultural self-image and traditional identity of the local people without the need for any commercialisation or advertising. “A gscheide Musi, a koits Bier und a Gaude” (“Good music, a cold beer and some good fun”) is all that are needed by the local people for a successful event here in the heart of the Salzkammergut.

Hochburg Salzkammergut traditional folk music

Local people who wish to share their passion for genuine folk music with visitors to the Goiserer Gamsjagatage play their music at the marquee in the market square, the inner courtyard at Neuwildenstein Stately Home and at the various stations along the route of the Radlpirsch. Well-known groups and bands from the Salzkammergut region such as the Goiserer Klarinetten Musi (clarinets), the AltBadSeer Musi and the Gimpelinsel Saitenmusi have performed in the past at the Gamsjagatage. To add extra spice to the occasion, time-honoured local folk groups such as the Gosauer Schuhplattler D'Dachstoanaalso take to the stage.


„Goiserer Radlpirsch“:  a “proper old fashioned bike tour in the Salzkammergut”

One of the highlights of the Goiserer Gamsjagatage is the “Goiserer Radlpirsch” providing lots of fun and variety.The event is a communal cycle ride on old-style bikes suitable for the young and young at heart alike.  The Radlpirsch in Bad Goisern is such a great tradition that even in bad weather, people turn out in wet weather gear and the traditional Goiserer hat. After a lively start, it’s just a gentle 400 metre ride to the "Holzknechtstube" where a beer and"Holzknechtnocka" (local recipe) await you. It’s just as it sounds – calm and gentle and in true Goisern style!  If you can bear to tear yourself away from your lovely surroundings, you can continue on your bike and stop off at further organised stations with good music. This is provided by the Voluntary Fire Brigade and the "Poserer Stahelschützen". The Radlpirsch is a true experience not least on account of its route along the picturesque River Traun. It is little wonder that the Radpirsch which takes place on the last weekend in August each year has become such a much-loved tradition!  


For further details of this cultural event please visit the Goiserer Gamsjagetage website.

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Lovely handcraftsmanship on the market square in Bad Goisern

Another popular fixed-point for visitors on the programme of events at the Goiserer Gamsjagatage is the handicrafts market on the market square. Numerous exhibitors from the alpine region proudly present their goods. These include jewellery carved from deer antler, hand carved wooden toys, knitted goods and even home- made sausage from the Salzkammergut. The hand crafted goods are all examples of our local tradition and culture. Local crafts people are joined by others from Bavaria. For many years, Jagd Tracht Antik Hickl, manufacturer of traditional hunting garments, has exhibited at the event.  Reinhard is a legend for those who love alpine accessories such as ornamental hat feathers, leather trousers, hats and much more.


The Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut, located in the Castle Neuwildenstein stately home adjoining the market square, also opens its doors throughout the Gamsjagatage weekend. There is much to discover historically during a guided tour, but you will also find out much more about handicrafts in the Salzkammergut nowadays. There is likely to be one craftsman or another on hand to demonstrate his talents to those interested. There is a stylishly built shop with a wide variety of locally manufactured products on sale.


The Violin Festival "Aufgeigen" on the first September weekende

On the first weekend of September, the "Goiserer Geigenfest" (Violin Festival) will take place ! The Goiserer Geigenfest has been taking place for over 20 years, and is just as successful and authentic an event as the Gamsjagatage in terms of custom and tradition. Typical of Goisern, the "Aufgeigen in the Kirchengasse" violin festival is a completely informal event. Violinistsfrom near and far are invited by the “Goiserer Geigendischgu”, organised byWilfrid Kefer, to come to Bad Goisern to perform music together. And so, there are many colourful concerts performed by groups of violinists who have come together by chance. This is a highlight for violinists and lovers of time-honoured tradition.

The "Goiserer Gamsjagatage" in Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt

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