On the photo you see a musician with a leathertrouser and a contrabass from behind, in the background you see a lady with a traditional dress dancing (Photo: OOE Tourismus)

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Local people take ice curling at least as seriously as members of parliament take their highest mandates!

A tremendous sense of enjoyment is not based solely on taking part in a regional or state championship, but far more important is the endless pride when achieving a good shot on the perfectly flat ice curling rinks. Besides the official clubs who take things much more seriously than the hobbyists and are always striving for vistory, there are teams who have been formed more by coincidence. They too enjoy this trend sport in a much more amateur fashion, throwing their sticks hundreds of times whilst aiming them between two wooden stumps.


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Those who can say they truly know something about ice curling can be critical of the state of the alley, and this might lead to the occasional quarrel!  Over the last few years many new variations on this conventional sport have been developed.  To date these include ice curling with feasts of roast, grilled sausage and salted and smoked meats! Inter club, one school year group against another, young against old – the combinations and possibilities are endless.


The referees on the ice curling alleys are the „Moar“ – the captains of each of the two teams. They bring the teams to order and are constantly brandishing around with a measuring stick, their hats or one of the braided cords of their traditional hats to measure which stick is closest. They can be heard calling out instructions for the next perfect shot, often in an interesting „secret“ language. Throughout the winter months, most people will take part in an ice curling competition, and the ladies take impeccable pride in their performance too.

Guests are always welcome to join in an ice curling competition for a small fee. 

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Don’t hesitate to contact the team of local guides for any questions about the holiday area Dachstein Salzkammergut.

Holiday Region Dachstein Salzkammergut

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