© Family hike to the Lake Koppenwinkl (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
© Family hike to the Lake Koppenwinkl (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
The easy hike to the Lake Koppenwinkl is perfec for families and also suited for pushchairs. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

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Brumsi Meadow and Krippi Park

The "Brumsiland", "Zwisiland" and the "Krippi Park" are a paradise for young and inexperienced skiers.

"Brumsiland" und "Brumsiwiese" in Gosau at Dachstein

Instructors from Gosau’s ski schoolhave one main aim: to make learning to ski great fun for children. Everything, from learning to stand on skis and make those first turns correctly, tackling moguls for the first time or venturing out on to steep slopes, or even trying out your firsr ever little ski jump, is made fun. "Brumsiland" has two „magic carpets“ and can be used by children and beginners, free of charge. As soon as you can safely stand on your own two skis, it’s time to venture out into the Dachstein West family ski resort.



The "Zwisiland" at the valley station of the Panorama Jet in Gosau at Dachstein offers the little ski beginners conveyor belts, wave runs, slalom tracks and funny figures.

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Krippi Park in Obertraun at the foot of the Dachstein Krippenstein

The Krippi Park is perfect for novice skiers of all ages. After some practice here, you will soon be ready to venture further afield. The Krippi Park has a button lift and „magic carpet“, leaving you with enough energy for your first downhill runs. Tea for sale from the hut by the ski lift!


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