© Ski touring in Gosau (Photo: Alexander Kijak)
In this picture you can see two people doing a skitour in Gosau beneath the beautiful snowy trees. (Photo: Alexander Kijak)

Ski touring
in the World Heritage Region

That perfect feeling of togetherness -  the mountain and you. Snow crunching beneath your skis, a glimpse of your destination in the distance, the sense of rhythm in nature and weaving your way through the powder snow – that is ski touring in the Inner Salzkammergut.

Long before there were any ski lifts, we had to reach the mountain summits on skis. Ernest Hemingway was a well known fan of ski touring.

Waving downhill in fresh powder snow, exercise in the great outdoors, stopping off in huts that are enthroned above the slopes away from alpine winter sports. That's probably what makes it so special - the special flair of ski touring in the Salzkammergut.

For early birds and all who want to have the Dachstein Krippenstein for their own, there is the possibility to go up the gondola very early in the morning. A special highlight that you shouldn't miss!

The danger of avalanches is underestimated by many ski tourers.
Inform yourself before the tour about the current weather & snow situation on the mountains!
© Skitour with a view on the Gosaukamm (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
At the snow-covered summit, a ski tourer takes the skins down, enjoys the view of the Gosaukamm and prepares for the descent. (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

What you need
for ski touring

  • Touring skis and binding
  • Splitboard
  • Ski touring poles (for snowboarders aswell)
  • Fur
  • Crampons
  • Backpack with avalanche and emergency equipment
  • Water, snacks (depending on the length of the tour)
  • Clothing: here one should proceed according to the "onion principle" and take clothing with one to change. It can get very hot on the ascent, but very cold on the descent.
  • Sunglasses
  • Helmet & cap
  • Thin gloves and warm gloves