© Ski touring in Gosau (Photo: Alexander Kijak)
Two persons ski touring in Gosau (Photo: Alexander Kijak)

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Ice Diving in the Salzkammergut

Ice diving in the diving park  Salzkammergut, with its 76 lakes a clinking ice paradise. Explore the spectacular underwater world of Lake Hallstatt and Lake Gosau!

The underwater world in the Dachstein Salzkammergut

A unique underwater landscape rewards the diver for the icy effort. The first step is sawing and hacking to make a hole in the ice shell of the lake surface big enough for all ice divers to dive in and out safely.

It is a fascinating, silent world into which we dive. The thick layer of ice is like a large protective tank that keeps everything away from the silent underwater world. The air bubbles are the only sound when they burst under the ice, spread in all directions and hurry away.

To be detached, to float in a three-dimensional space, surrounded by a greenish diffuse twilight, far away from everything that oppresses, worries and burdens.

The transparency of the water, which resembles schnapps, the play of light and colours under the ice, stimulates experimentation. Structures viewed from below, unknown structures, bizarre from another world. Smallest gas bubbles - trapped in the ice they look like the lost glass beads of a necklace in which the light refracts. Even dead objects, such as frozen branches or withered brown leaves, develop a completely new life of their own in the ice. Artificial, man-made objects suddenly reveal other, completely unknown perspectives. Constantly changing constellations under water in a surreal environment are the photographic challenges that underwater photographers and filmmakers successfully face again and again.

Ice diving in the Dachstein Salzkammergut

Ice diving is considered to be the most extreme form of underwater sport as it demands everything from the diver both physically and mentally and is therefore not suitable for beginners for safety reasons. The preparations, the organization at the dive site and the execution must be perfect.

Divers experience a world in which everything is different, and we convey this beautiful, unique and versatile world. In Hallstatt andGosau at Dachstein diving - above and under water - is a real experience that nobody should miss.

Come and join us for ice diving in Hallstatt and Gosau!

Wissenswertes zum Eistauchen im Inneren Salzkammergut


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