© Gosaukamm in Gosau am Dachstein (Foto: Julian Elliott Photography)
© Gosaukamm in Gosau am Dachstein (Foto: Julian Elliott Photography)
Der Gosaukamm wacht über Gosau am Dachstein. (Foto: Julian Elliott Photography)

am Dachstein


Why it is worth making holidays in Gosau at Dachstein

Everywhere you look when you reach the Gosau valley, there are picture-perfect little houses arranged on the gentle slopes, little churches and inviting inns and hotels. The views will take you back to your childhood days, and will make you want to set off to explore and breathe in the fresh country air. Besides, you will soon discover that there are many other charms to this area.  A visit to Gosau is not complete without a visit to a high mountain pasture or taking in the views of the Lake Gosau and the Upper Lake Gosau just beneath the Dachstein Glacier.

Gosau is a long valley at the base of the Dachstein. This World Heritage Community stretches along the Gosau river and consists of the front Gosau valley (Vordertal), middle Gosau valley (Mittertal) and rear Gosau valley ( Hintertal) communities. The Gosaukamm mountain range is the crown at the end of the valley. There is no better place to visit when you want to be close to the mountains. From Gosau, visitors can access the Zwieselalm with its picturesque wooden mountain huts by cable car.  In winter there are two main lift installations from the valley making Gosau a paradise for skiing and other winter sports.  


There is one thing for sure: in summer and in winter, your natural surroundings in Gosau am Dachstein will fill you with energy. In summer your surroundings are lush and green, in winter crisp and colourful, and in winter the area looks magical covered in deep snow.  

Gosau highlights in summer: hiking, biking, family time

Throughout the summer months, extensive hiking trails are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Gosau is the perfect destination for a family holiday, for gentle hill walking or more challenging mountain climbing. A stroll around the Gosau Lake is a perfect way to revitalise the soul. When you need something for the children, a visit to theFamily Adventure Park „Urzeitwald”(Primeval Forest attraction) is a must! Here you can discover mammoths, ride on the back of a dinosaur and discover much, much more.  

Summer in Gosau: Hiking mountain biking & E-biking, diving, fishing, boating and Stand-up Paddling on the Gosau Lake. Tractor-drawn land train, gritstone quarries and the Löckernmoos high mountain moorland, Urzeitwald primeval forest attraction


Gosau in winter: skiing, horse-drawn sleigh riding and cross-country skiing

In winter you are just a chair lift ride away from Upper Austria’s largest ski resort – the Dachstein West. Other winter activities include cross-country skiing, a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through the woods, as well as visits to other places in the Dachstein Salzkammergut area.

Winter in Gosau: Dachstein West ski resort, cross country skiing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, winter hiking, ice diving in the Gosau Lake, the museum of rural life, Balloon Week


Summarized for you: the top 10 highlights in Gosau

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Don’t hesitate to contact the team of local guides at the tourist board Gosau - Mathias Stieger, Julia Rabland Evelyn Peham – for any questions about Gosau and the holiday area Dachstein Salzkammergut.

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