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/ The much-loved „Beugerl“,

The much-loved „Beugerl“,

popular today in the Salzkammergut, especially during Fasching.


Children enjoy preparing  „Beugerl“ too. They roll out the dough, form the shapes of the Beugerln, and share them with each other and their families.

The „Beugerl“ is made from bread dough and eaten during Lent. It was traditionally a symbol of the meagreness of Lent. Its round shape is thought to be older than the well-known „Brezen“. The round shape is said to be symbolic of the sun and hence the light of the world. Others say the shape of the Beugerl is symbolic of  Christ’s Resurrection as well as the light of the sun which reaches the valleys in spring.

Beugerln are made from a simple dough (bread dough) which is then divided and rolled out to form circles. The Beugerln are then cooked in two stages: They are first placed in boiling water for a short time and then baked in the oven.

Another speciality is  Beugel Soup:

The Beugel are broken into small pieces and then boiling beef broth is poured over them. The Beugel soak up much of the liquid. Grated cheese and roasted onion rings are added to the soup which is then served.

The Beugerl is one of the oldest recipes of the Salzkammergut.

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