On the photo you see traditional musicians during the traditional event Aufgeigen in Bad Goisern (Photo: OÖ Tourismus)


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/ „Sheep Day“ in Gosau & „Sheep Gathering“ in Goisern

„Sheep Day“ in Gosau & „Sheep Gathering“ in Goisern

Just as the cows are ceremoniously returned to the valley, the sheep have their turn too! This is one of the most important days of the year for sheep farmers.

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Farmers and sheep owners set off in the early morning to gather their sheep scattered across the extensive grazing areas up in the mountains. They are herded to a collection point where, under strict control, the animals are divided into herds to be collected by their rightful owners.

The sheep have tags in their ears so that they can be returned to their owners. However, there are often a few sheep missing from their herds. They might have wandered off, but need to be found by their owners as they would not survive a winter up on a high mountain pasture.

When all the sheep have been safely herded, they make their way down to the farms in the valley where they are shorn.

Sheep Day in Gosau on the Iglmoosalm

28th September 2019

Sheep Day on the Iglmoosalm is accompanied by the „6er-Tragerl“ music group, and transport up to the mountain pasture is available by „Land Train“. Please make your reservation at Tourist Information in Gosau. The sheep gathering takes place from 10.00 onwards.

Sheep Gathering at the Hütteneckalm in Bad Goisern

14th September 2019

At 11:00 AM the sheeps are gathered at the Hütteneckalm, so there is enough time to walk up to the mountain pasture. It either takes 1,5 hours from the Berghof Predigtstuhl or 45 minutes from the parking lot at the Flowiese. Local music and food can also be enjoyed at the Hütteneckalm.


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