© Mountainbiking in autumn (Photo: WOM Medien/Andreas Meyer)
Mountainbiking in autumn at Dachstein Salzkammergut (Photo: WOM Medien/Andreas Meyer)

Our bike specialists

Countless bike routes, that want to be ridden, lead through every village . Of course it happens again and again that you forgot to go to the bike service before your holidays, need a new tube, something breaks, and so on. On your vacation you also have time to test new bike models or you want to sleep in an accommodation where not only you as a biker but also your bike feels comfortable. Sometimes you just need a bike shuttle to save your energy for the next track.

Our bike specialists are at your disposal! With biker heart and biker soul.

These accomodations are specialised on bikers

...and they know exactly what biker and bikes need

This bike shuttle takes you and your bike safe to the trails