© Goisern’s Chamois Hunting Days (Photo: Stefanie Wallner)
Goisern’s Chamois Hunting Days take place every year at the end of August. (Photo: Stefanie Wallner)

in summer


Bringing home of livestock from mountain pastures and “sheep sorting”

As the days get shorter and shorter, it’s time for the cows, calves, horses and sheep to return to the safety of their stalls down in the farm in the valley after spending the summer high up on the mountain pastures. Here they had enjoyed unlimited freedom to roam.  In Gosau am Dachstein this is a time for celebration as the sheep are driven, on foot, down to the valley. In Bad Goisern there is a traditional “sheep inspection” where the sheep are inspected and returned to their rightful owners. These are just some of the numerous traditional events that take place in the Dachstein Salzkammergut in autumn. For those who come along and join in, many long-lasting memories are formed.

“Return of livestock from the mountains” (Almabtrieb) in Gosau

Just as for taking the livestock up into the mountains for summer, there is no fixed annual date for bringing them down to the valley for winter. All depends on the weather and grass growth each year.  The so-named  “Almabtriebe” in Gosau are not staged events and take place only when there have been no earlier problems up on the mountain pastures, as is tradition. Local people and visitors are welcome to celebrate this home-coming with traditional food, drink and music.


"Almabtrieb" from the Moosalm

The celebration of the "Almabtrieb" from the Moosalm includes musical entertainment by local folk groups such as the “Gosauer Schuplattler”. The cattle wearing brightly coloured garlands round their necks arrive in the valley and are allowed to peacefully graze next to the events area where their owners, family, friends and visitors celebrate their return home for the winter.    

Food and drink is also in plentiful supply. Local people provide typical recipes from the mountain pastures such as “Arausch”, “Schneeballn” and “Holzknechtnockn”. Suppliers from Gosau bring local delicacies such as delicious “Tausch-Lebkuchen”.

Local handicrafts are also on show. These include products made by the Gosau grindstone sculptors and individuals such as Hans Waldweber with his wood carvings.

As the grown-ups enjoy listening to the sounds of local musicians and singers, little-ones can enjoy the extensive programme of events for children or even a pony ride.

To find the planned date for the next event and list of activities available please visit the Almabtriebsfest from the Moosalm Website.

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Sheep sorting in Bad Goisern and Gosau

Sheep sorting“ in Gosau at Dachstein and Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt are truly unique events. The so-named “crier” calls out the numbers, in typical local dialect, of the sheep according to their ear markings. This is how their owners know that it is their sheep and take them home to winter on the farm.

It sounds like this:

in Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt:
„Im Denk Edl an Hedlmo und im Rechtn an Schnitt" (in the left ear a halfmoon and a cut in the right one)


in Gosau at Dachstein:

"Im rechten vorn an Feling und hinten zwoa Schnitt" (in the right ear a halfmoon and in the back two cuts)

It’s often the case that the sheep farmers return home with fewer or even more sheep than they sent up to the mountain pastures. As the numbers tend to even out over the years, there are never any arguments about the sheep.

Take part in the sheep sorting on the Iglmoosalm in Gosau at Dachstein

More cultural events in autumn

Autumn is the “high season” for traditional cultural events, so there is always something going on in the Inneres Salzkammergut. Events range from the annual   “Aufgeign in der Kirchengasse” (celebration of violin music) to the “Gamstrophy” as part of the “Goiserer Gamsjagatage” (Goisern Chamoix Hunting Event). Only an old-style bike is allowed as means of transport! As the region is renowned for genuine folk music of every different category, there is always plenty of entertainment on hand. The joy and vitality of the local musicians is everywhere to be witnessed, and the live sounds are far more electrifying than when you listen on the radio.  

The St. Agatha Beer Tent and the “Oatnakirtag“Folk Festival draw visitors from throughout the Salzkammergut and beyond. The St Agatha Voluntary Fire Brigade provide 3 days of fun and merriment with lots of delicious home-cooked food and folk music.    

The traditional celebrations on the Rossmoosalm or the Koppenwinkelalm pastures are a pleasant way to relax with friends surrounded by unspoilt nature. Enjoy an afternoon in our holiday region traditional music performed by local folk groups, dancing and home-made food.

Game shooting can often be heard throughout autumn. Highlight of the year is the “Schützentanz” (Huntsman’s Ball) which follows the traditional meal. Guests are welcome to join in the celebrations.  

See you at the autumn cultural events in the Dachstein Salzkammergut!

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