© Goiserer shoe (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
Goiserer shoes are well known for the long lasting waering comfort (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

Craft, customs &



Crafts, customs and traditions characterise the region, it is these that make the World Heritage site so much worth seeing! See, experience and feel - casually and genuinely!


Small dialect dictionary

Griasdi! - Hello!
Pfiati! - Bye!
Du bist a Hiasl - you are clumsy
Hiadant is dnua - that's enough now
I moa, se keman - I think they are coming
Ge Birig - go in direction to the mountain
Hoiwi - one big beer (0.5l)
Des is a Halodri - that's a reckless person
Marandana! - Oh my god!
Budamoasn - butter bread
Duan hoit netn - please ask him
Eha - ups
Heast mi geh - Do you understand me?
Rockaroas - spin evening of the women
Duascht - thirst



All about the robe - "Gschmoh muas sei!" (It has to be comfortable!)

Experience craftsmanship - "The heart has to have hands, the hands a heart"

"Vü Musi, vü gaudi!" (A lot of music, a lot of fun!)

Easter, Whitsunday, Christmas - tradition out of religion

More traditions and customs in the Dachstein Salzkammergut