© Climbing at the Dachstein Krippenstein (Photo: www.werbegams.at)
Climbers in the wall (Photo: www.werbegams.at)
Climbers in the wall (Photo: www.werbegams.at)

in the Dachstein Salzkammergut


Climbing and via ferratas

Go into the vertical, feel the rock below you, feel the adrenaline flowing through your body. Whether on climbing routes or via ferratas, the vertical kick is guaranteed. Just the sight of a photo of the sky ladder on the Donnerkogel via ferrata fills one with the greatest respect. If you stand in front of the Zwerchwand or Ewigen Wand in Bad Goisern, you can't wait to go on the climbing tours.  Newcomers to via ferrata can try their hand at the Lake Gosau and float over the lake. For well-conditioned climbers the Seewand Klettersteig or the Klettersteige & - routen on the Dachstein is a great challenge. These are just a few of the highlights that await you here in the Dachstein Salzkammergut holiday region. See for yourself!

Frequently asked questions about climbing

Climbers who enjoy long multi-rope tours get their money's worth the most, but sport climbers don't miss out either. In the eternall wall ("Ewige Wand") in Bad Goisern even very strong climbers will find a challenge. 


Gosau at Dachstein, Obertraun, Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt and Hallstatt offer a great ambience for climbers of all kinds, almost all levels of difficulty are available. Especially in the countless multi-pitch routes, beginners will find their luck, these are rated on the UIAA scale. Some of the climbing gardens are rated according to the French Scale, especially on the eternall wall ("Ewige Wand") advanced climbers will find a paradise to let off steam.


Many of the tours are super secured with drill and glue hooks. In the alpine area there are also tours that are badly secured or not secured at all, but it is best to talk to a mountain guide before such a tour.


The region is mainly influenced by the Dachstein massif, here you will find the Dachstein limestone, which is great for climbing. This rock, known among climbers as a very high quality rock, offers a great variation.


In spring and autumn the conditions are optimal, although in higher areas you have to reckon with occasional snow, in the summer months some walls can become unpleasant due to too much heat.


The region offers via ferratas for young and old, from beginners to professionals. In the via ferrata test area at the reservoir in Gosau am Dachstein you can try out all difficulties from A to F.  One of the most famous via ferrata in Austria is also located in the Gosau valley, the Donnerkogel via ferrata, with the impressive Himmelsleiter (only suitable for experienced climbers). In Hallstatt, Obertraun and Bad Goisern there are also varied via ferrata from easy to difficult.


Most of the routes and tours are not climbable in winter, especially when there is a lot of snow. However, there are some climbing gardens that are spared from wind and weather for the most part and have pleasant temperatures even in sunny weather. Here we can recommend the eternall wall ("Ewige Wand") or the Zwerchwand in Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt.


The ladder to heaven is on the Donnerkogel via ferrata in Gosau at Dachstein. To get there you can go up with the Gosaukamm cable car and walk about 20 minutes to the start of the via ferrata.