© Advent season in the Dachstein Salzkammergut (photo: Viorel Munteanu)
Craftsmanship can be experienced especially during Advent. Here is a handmade angel in a white dress (photo: Viorel Munteanu)

Advent in the
World Heritage region


Once a year, when the last leaves have already fallen and the first snow decorates the meadows and forests of the Inner Salzkammergut, Advent comes into the parlours of the people. And with it a very special atmosphere, the peculiarity of which lies in peace and contemplation. In short: it is Advent.

Saint Nicholas and his vicious companions

Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, is celebrated on December, 6. His work has contributed to the formation of many legends, such as the following:

Once he was said to have procured grain for the starving inhabitants of his city from a delivery destined for the city of Rome.

Another time, legend has it, he helped three poor girls to get a dowry and thus saved them from prostitution.

These legends also created the custom that is practiced on and around December, 6 in the Dachstein Salzkammergut. Saint Nicholas comes and gives presents to the children. But he does not come alone. He is always accompanied by frightening figures like "Krampusse", angels, basket carriers, etc... The group of his companions is also called "pass". Especially the "Krampusse" are supposed to inspire fear in the "bad" children, so that they become good children again.

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