© Roßmoos mountain pasture in Bad Goisern (photo: RudiKainPhotografie) (Foto: RudiKainPhotografie)
© Roßmoos mountain pasture in Bad Goisern (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)
Beautiful views on a hike to the Roßmoos mountain pasture in Bad Goisern (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

Bad Goisern
at Lake Hallstatt


The history of Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt

Bad Goisern is nestled in the beautiful “Trauntal” valley, which borders on Lake Hallstatt in the south.  The UNESCO World Heritage Site can look back on a long history.

The first documentary mention can be found around 1325 under the name "Gebisharn".  In 1278 this valley became Habsburg and around 1290 brine and salt finds were made in the Goisern area. Three hundred years later, in 1595, the brine pipeline to the Pfannhaus in Ebensee began to be built via Goisern. Subsequently, from 1770 to 1850, the care office and care court of the Obersalzamt von Gmunden was in today's forestry office. Then the k.k. “Salinen- und Forstdirektion” in Gmunden took over the administration of the Salzkammergut. The history of salt extraction was and is an essential part of the development of the town.

The Iodine Sulphur Spring

In the course of drilling in 1874 the iodine sulphur spring was discovered by chance. This spring water is very curative and helps with skin and joint problems. It was another great building block in the history of the village and since 1931 there has been a spa and the village has been declared a health resort. 


The market and the many parts of the village

In 1952 Goisern already had over 6 000 inhabitants and it was elevated to the status of a market. Since the year 1955 Goisern has had the epithet Bad, through the word Bad Goisern, the direct reference to the spa. In June 2008, the local council decided to expand the current name to "Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt".

Bad Goisern consists not only of the Goisern market, but also of 30 other districts. These are scattered in gentle green valleys, along rushing streams and at lofty heights with fantastic views of King Dachstein, the Ramsau mountains, the Sarstein and many other peaks of the Salzkammergut.


Nature and crafts

It is a wonderful area for hikers and nature lovers, it is not for nothing that Goisern has achieved a further degree of fame through a shoe. It is the Goiserer shoe, affectionately called by the locals "grobgnater Schua ". The Goiserer is a qualitymountaineering shoe which is still manufactured today in loving craftsmanship to order exactly adapted to the foot.  None other than Arnold Schwarzenegger has been able to adapt such " grobgnaten".


Old crafts and customs

This is especially cultivated in Bad Goisern. Even today, it is baked in the old stone oven of the “Schwarze Kuchl” in the adventure museum “Anzenaumühle”. The Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut in Bad Goisern demonstrates the successful range of old craftsmanship for the presentation of these in an old building with a modern structure. It is a lively culture to offer many interesting and beautiful things.

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Don’t hesitate to contact the team of local guides at the tourist board Bad Goisern - Petra Wallner and Ulli Hillbrand – for any questions about Bad Goisern and the Holiday Region Dachstein Salzkammergut.

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