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Goiserer shoes are well known for the long lasting waering comfort (photo: RudiKainPhotografie)

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Marksmen's dance - the "Schützentanz"

Shooting is an important custom in the Inner Salzkammergut. Especially in the autumn time in the valleys the "Schützentanz" (marksmen's dance) is a highlight of the year.

Where there's firecrackers, there's marksmen

The shooting range and hut are festively decorated, the main stand is equipped with a firecracker, which is triggered when a particularly nice shot is fired. The "best" - mostly silk cloths - are attached to the so-called "flag tree", and the last prize, the damage-friendly "Schneiderbest" (cloth with scissors), is also included. The huts of the marksmen are decorated with the traditional "Bischerl" (small bush) and rosemary (standing for single, lying for married).



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Let's go to the "Schützentanz"

The shooting is the main action at the "Schützenmahl" (markmen's dinner) and takes place according to exact rules and in traditional order and is accompanied musically by the side whistles and a drummer. When all shooters have fired their shots at Invention, Gams (mountain goat) and "Haupt" (head), the "Schützenzug" forms up in the direction of the tavern to the "Schützentanz". The musicians march ahead, then the flag bearers follow, the next one is the target with the joke disc, then the marksman with the staff.

The "Schützenmahl" is the high point of every markmen's year, this is usually celebrated on Sunday, this is left however to each association. The following Monday is used for the "Blawön", for "Blaumachen" (relaxing) - mostly connected with an excursion or the comfortable sitting together in the shooting range.

More information can be obtained directly from the Austrian Crossbow Association. Guests are also cordially invited to come and take part in the traditional "Schützenmahl" in one of the many shooting ranges in autumn!