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The much-loved „Beugerl“

When the carnival season is just around the corner, the bakers in the Dachstein Salzkammergut region start baking the Beugerl.

How are "Beugerl" made?

Beugerln are made from a simple yeast dough (bread dough), rolled out and formed into circles.  The preparation takes place in two steps, the Beugerln are first cooked and then baked.


The Beugerl as a fasting dish

Actually, the Beugerl is a fasting dish. It was originally a symbol for the meagre Lent. The round form of the Beugerl might be older, than the everywhere known Brezen. Actually this round form should symbolize the sun and thus the light of the world. One can refer both to the resurrection of Jesus in the religious sense, and to the light, which the sun brings in the spring.


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The Beugelsuppe is a speciality

The bells are broken into pieces and covered with boiling beef soup. The bells must now swell, then the soup is topped with grated cheese and roasted onion rings and served.

Beugerl is one of the oldest traditional dishes in the Salzkammergut!

Tip for children: The Beugerl is very popular with children. Each child takes the Beugerl from one side and it is divided by tearing it apart.

Here you get "Beugerl"


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