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Dialect - an unique language


When you arrive in the Inner Salzkammergut, in the Holiday Region Dachstein Salzkammergut, it could be, that you do not understand that you don't understand some of the locals. That's not because we don't speak German here, but because every place, whether Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt, Hallstatt, Obertraun or Gosau at Dachstein, has developed its own dialect.

Influenced dialect

If it is said that every valley in the Salzkammergut has its own dialect, this is true until the time when the railway was built and the influx of foreigners influenced the language. And yet there are still small differences, for example between the dialects of the inhabitants from Aussee, Gosau and Bad Goisern. The Gosau people, who thank their authenticity the lack of railway connection, remained the most genuine.

In Bad Goisern one hears "Goiserisch" almost without exception only in the surrounding villages, the village of Goisern in the centre, to which many immigrants belong, is more "cultivated".

In order to write the dialect halfway correctly, above all a distinction had to be made between the "a", which is to be spoken brightly, and the "a", which is dull, i.e. to be given low, and the "a", which is to say "o".


"Dö Tànz' kennà mà scho" - We know all about this nonsense.

"I hans auf dà Zung" - It's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't think of it right now.

"à wenk hü'zn" "à wenk heigen" - With "à wenk" , similar to a little bit, some activities are trivialized. In fact, however, these are longer-lasting, usually strenuous jobs.

Why isn't the question of the way so simple?

It is sometimes said that it is one's own fault who asks locals for paths or places. What is meant, of course, is not a notorious unfriendliness of the locals, but rather the self-evidence with which they deal with place or field names. For the questioner, who is not familiar with the place, the information is often more puzzling than the helplessness before.

Some of the names of the fields are connected with the names of the former owners, others depend on the type of location or form. Some field names allow a multiple, some however no determination. It has often happened, for example, that people unfamiliar with the area were given a shake of the head when looking for the tourist office in Bad Goisern. Here is a little tip - ask about the "Höplingerhaus in Bad Goisern".

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