© 5fingers on the Dachstein Krippenstein (photo: Sven Posch / www.viewnect.com)
© Viewing platform 5fingers (photo: Julian Elliott Photography)
From the viewing platform 5fingers on the Dachstein Krippenstein you have an beautiful view over the World Heritage region Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut. (photo: Julian Elliott Photography)

Obertraun at the
foot of the Krippenstein


Why it is worth to make holidays in Obertraun

The people of Obertraun are down-to-earth, joyful and hospitable people. They continue to  celebrate their time-honoured customs and festivals, and appreciate their particularly beautiful living space: On one side of the Dachstein Krippenstein with its many facets there are lush green forests and magical, energy giving sites of interest. On the other side there is Lake Hallstatt with its lido and boat trips, providing plenty of variety in the cool water.

Obertraun is not garish. It is lovely, protected and guarded by the imposing Krippenstein. Where once the river Traun was a means of timber transportation for salt extraction, woodworkers formed a settlement and thus established the present day World Heritage community. Over the course of time, the natural beauty of the area has been recognised, and this today makes Obertraun so attractive to holidaymakers. Whether hiking, walking or biking, Obertraun is perfect with its caves, valley floor and woodland areas.

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The Dachstein Krippenstein Cable Car is opened almost all year round and takes you in three stages to very different sites of natural beauty. Stage 1 brings you to the Schönbergalm, from where you can reach the gigantic Mammoth caveand Dachstein Giant Ice Caves. Freezing Temperatures prevail here all year round, so a guided tour on a hot summer day is a good way to cool down. From the second station, the Krippenstein High Plateau, you can hike, take in the stunning views or simply take a deep breath in summer and in winter. The 5fingers viewing platform is spectacular and the trail to theWorld Heritage Spiraland theDachstein Shark is surrounded by unspoilt nature. In winter, the ski resort is not far away, and theDachstein Krippenstein Freesports Arena and the Dachstein West family ski resort are yours to choose from.


Inner strength from the Lake Koopenwinkl

An exceptional location said to have magical powers, under natural and European protection, is the Lake Koppenwinkl. Generally speaking, everything that begins with the word "Koppen" is expected to be beautiful: eg the theme trail along the valley from Obertraun to the Koppenbrüller Cave via the Lake Koopenwinkl and the Koppenwinklalm.


Be sure to look out for current events, such as concerts on the lakeside stage in the lakeside bathing area, folk events or sporting events. As e have said before,  the people of  Obertraun are joyful people ...


Highlights in Obertraun

Summer in Obertraun: Hiking, mountain biking and E-biking, 5 Fingers „Sky Walk“, lido, boat trips, Koppenwinklsee Lakes, Dachstein Caves, climbing, Obertraun Mountain Experiences (sunrise and full moon trips up the Krippenstein)

Winter in Obertraun: Dachstein Krippenstein Freeride Arena, snowshoeing, cross country skiing free of charge, ski tours, Dachstein West Ski Resort


Summarized for you: the top 10 highlights in Obertraun


Contact & Service

Tourist information Obertraun
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Phone+43 5 95095-40
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Don’t hesitate to contact the team of local guides at the tourist board Obertraun - Andrea Schwarzlmüller – for any questions about Obertraun and the holiday area Dachstein Salzkammergut.

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Dachstein Krippenstein cable car

The Dachstein Krippenstein cable car not only takes you to the Schönbergalm, the Dachstein Ice Caves and to the Mammoth Cave without any need to flex those muscles, it also takes you to Obertraun’s local mountain, the Krippenstein at 2100m. Enjoy the…

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5 Fingers Viewing Platform

The "5fingers" viewing platform in Obertraun is one of the most spectacular viewing platforms in Austria and offers adrenaline rushes at the highest level. Unforgettable mountain experienceThis visitor attraction opened at the beginning of October,…

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World Heritage Spiral

Just a few minutes from the mountain station for the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car is the World Heritage Spiral viewing platform, where there are comfortable places to stop off for a rest and relaxing loungers, which invite you to repose at 2100…

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Dachstein Shark

The new attraction on Heilbronn Circular trail is the Dachstein Shark.The primeval shark is 8 metres long and is one of the attractions on the Krippenstein Visitor magnet on the Dachstein KrippensteinThe popular photo spot is only a 45 minutes walk…

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