© Bathing island Hallstatt (photo: Sven Posch / www.viewnect.com)
The bathing island in Hallstatt (photo: Sven Posch / www.viewnect.com)

Gravel biking
Dachstein Salzkammergut


Gravel biking in the Dachstein Salzkammergut

Experience a completely new bike feeling - As an interested biker, it is difficult to avoid the topic of gravel bike. Numerous manufacturers have expanded their fleets with light hybrid bikes. Because it's also fun to switch between asphalt, forest road and light unpaved paths and enjoy the full freedom on the bike. No wonder that especially in the freedom-loving Salzkammergut gravel bikers find an ideal field of activity in the middle of lakes, alpine pastures and glaciers. 


Biking has tradition

The Inner Salzkammergut has always been known for its forest industry and thanks to this there is also a kilometre-long forest road network, which has been approved for bikers by the Austrian Federal Forestry Commission. Along mountains, lakes, rivers and alpine pastures it is especially good for biking. Martin Huber and Bernhard Höll recognized this more than 20 years ago and therefore created the legendary Salzkammergut Mountain Bike Trophy.


Now around 5,000 bikers from more than 40 nations make the yearly journey to Bad Goisern to compete and test their own limits. And for a few years now, in addition to fullys and hardtails, gravel bikes have also been competing. From Obertraun up over the Echerntal to the Rossalm and then down to Lake Gosau and with a few crisp climbs to the finish in Bad Goisern. Since the Gravel Competition of the Salzkammergut Trophy is becoming more and more popular, why not take advantage of the kilometre-long route network in the unique Alpine landscape.

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In the river with nature at Gravel Biking 

The unspoilt nature of the Alps and the people can be particularly well captured in the Dachstein Salzkammergut. On the gravel bike routes you are far away from hot spots like Hallstatt. Here and there, however, a highlight such as the "eternall wall" („Ewige Wand“) or Lake Gosau including Dachstein should not be missing. The bustle of the many international guests along the "Seestraße" in Hallstatt can be seen from the cycle path on the eastern shore of Lake Hallstatt.

There is no doubt that water is also of great importance in the Salzkammergut. Whether it is for tourism with over 70 lakes, for transporting salt on the water (salt pirates), through the water (brine pipeline path) or as vital drinking water. And so the first three signposted gravel bike routes run alongside and along rivers, streams and lakes. Water is a constant companion here, whether Zlambach, Traun, Weißenbach, Koppentraun, Lake Gosau or Lake Hallstatt and much more. - the cool water is always near you when it gets too hot during gravel biking.


Salzkammergut Trophy Gravel Bike Training Track C

On the gravel bike tour in the footsteps of the trophy there are extreme metres in altitude and extremely beautiful rewards - both culinary and scenic.  The leisurely start along Lake Hallstatt is deceptive. Because in the Echerntal valley at the latest, you have to keep your composure on a 1,000 m ascent when one or the other e-biker passes by casually. At the Rossalm at the latest you will be the hero. With an honest snack from your own farm and a "schnaps" at the end, you'll be fully motivated again and ready for the descent down to Lake Gosau. There you can simply enjoy the view of the Dachstein and the mountain lake including the Gosaukamm before taking turns on asphalt and gravel back to Bad Goisern.


Gravel Bike Tour around the Sarstein

Great summer round for all those who can't do without a gravel bike on hot summer days. Once around the Sarstein that does not sound like a challenge. But you ride through two federal states - Upper Austria and Styria. The tour is ideal for casual summer days as it runs mostly in shady mixed forest. Over the Leisling we cross over to the romantic Ausseerland. The climbs are moderate but not too demanding and by the Altauseersee at the latest the efforts are forgotten. 

Whether the culinary variety and delicacies in the Ausseerland make a recommendation difficult. You can't do much wrong. After a drive through the city, the "Koppentraun" leads back to the Dachstein Salzkammergut. It is worth making a detour to the "Koppenwinkelake". Especially on hot summer days it is very refreshing (if it carries water). Otherwise, the refreshing Lake Hallstatt lies along the way back to Bad Goisern.


Gravel Bike tour through the Weißenbachtal

Wild and romantic nature enjoyment round not only for Gravel Biker couples in love. This Gravel Bike Tour also pampers legs, eyes and stomach. On the 1,000 hm divided over 30 km there is a lot of variety. You start again along a river before you dive into the Weißenbach valley along the Weißenbach and soak up the peace of the nature reserve. So that not too much silence comes in, you will then go up to one of the hotspots of the Salzkammergut - the "eternall wall („Ewige Wand“)". Can you ride a gravel bike there at all? Yes you can and it is great fun. Directly afterwards there is a stop at the "Rathlucken hut" where you can enjoy delicious delicacies before descending to Bad Goisern on the panorama road.

As a gravel biker you know that it doesn't take much for a bike adventure. Many of these adventures are happening right now on the bike trails in the Dachstein Salzkammergut. And according to the basic idea "It's about pleasure, not just performance" you will have a pleasurable time in the Dachstein Salzkammergut for you and our common devotion, the movement at the bike, in a unique landscape with comfortable people. Our bike partner hotels are looking forward to meeting like-minded people!